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Digital Skills Authority was founded by British educational and business leader Deborah Collier in 2016. She transformed our organisation from The Certificate in Online Business (our first series of programs), to Digital Skills Authority in 2020. Deborah who is President & Chief Marketing Information Officer, established and expanded this suite of certifications over a 12-year period, gaining testimonials from leaders and teams at well-known international organisations and brands, as well as government ministries and organisations around the globe.  In 2016 she developed a global network of partners, and led the production of over 30-hours of digital interactive educational content, transforming from the premium classroom consultative certification programs. This event was closely followed by Michel Koch joining as VP Europe & Latin America (previously Chief Marketing Officer and E-Commerce Director at Time Inc., as well as several senior executive positions with international B2C and B2B multichannel companies including Bertelsmann, Manutan, Quelle, Conrad, Camaïeu, Marks & Spencer, and Maplin).

New Board and Transformation

In 2020, as part of our global transformation we have:

  • Relaunched under our new name 'Digital Skills Authority'

  • Expanded our range of programs

  • Planned new suites of programs to support evolving and future employment needs

  • Commenced development of an industry global board of blend leaders from the Tech Giants, Media, Government, Education and Industry, attracting applicants for (part-time Executive & Non-Executive Directors positions) from boards at organisations such as Amazon, Deloitte, Sony and more.




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