License and deliver our training programs, or work with us to develop a Digital Skills Authority accredited course and qualification.


Digital Skills Authority Elite Academy


Our academy of highly-skilled leaders and practitioners delivers:

  • High-Impacting Consultative classroom and on-site programs, where a Licensed or Accredited Training Provider is not available in a territory or region

  • Accredited Trainer Programs

  • Licensed and Accredited Training Provider Training

  • All E-Learning Programs

  • Our COB Certified CxO Conference

Classroom programs are on hold until 2022. 

Training Provider Partners

Our premium consultative classroom courses are currently on hold until the Coronavirus crisis has passed. 

Past providers of our classroom courses include our founder's consulting and marketing group 2009-2015, and more recently The Institute for Business Advancement, a small London based research and education institute, which formally closed in March 2020.

We continue to offer and expand our portfolio of e-learning courses, via our dedicated Digital Business & Marketing Qualifications:  The Certificate in Online Business.

If you are interested in Live Online (Live Webinar) classroom courses, please let us know, of if you would like classroom courses available in your country or region in 2021 onwards.

Become a Licensed Training Provider


Licensed Training Providers are large established high-end corporate training, management consulting, membership or other professional organisations around the globe, who license our consultative Digital Business, E-Commerce and Marketing certification classroom programs for delivery specific countries or regions.  Licensed Training Providers, with it's owned highly-skilled trainers are trained by us to follow our quality standards and format. We provide the training materials, trainer training and accreditation, administer delegate exams, mark and issue qualifications.

Become an Accredited Training Provider 


If you are an established large corporate training, professional services, academic or membership organisation of several years with a great reputation, and high-impacting cutting-edge educational content and knowledge, we could partner with you to develop a Digital Skills Authority qualification, taught by you with delegates or e-learners examined and certified by us.  We are particularly interested in cybersecurity, virtual reality, IoT, big data, artificial intelligence for current and 'skills of the future' for internationally-recognised role-based certifications offering DSA Professional Diplomas.  Currently our focus is on e-learning and live webinar courses.