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Get powerful on-site training for your organisation, delivered by expert practitioners and industry leaders. Discover our range of on-site programs, with training and certifications established, enhanced and perfected since 2008. We offer the following programs on-site, which enables a variety of employees to attend selected days for their appropriate certification.

  • Option 1: 5-Day Inter-Departmental Digital Business / Digital Transformation Program

  • Option 2: 5-Day Internet Retailing Program​

  • Option 3: 5-Day Marketing Program

  • Option 4: 6-Day Digital Business + Retailer Program 

  • Option 5: 5-Day + 7-hrs E-Learning - Digital Business + Retailer Program 

  • Option 6: 8 Day Internet Retailing + Marketing

  • Option 7: 8 Day Digital Business + Marketing

  • Option 8: 10-Day Digital Business + Retailer + Marketing

  • Option 9: 9-Days + 7-hrs E-Learning - Digital Business + Retailer + Marketing

  • Option 10: Any of the above, plus bespoke add-ons

Fees for an on-site program of 12 employees including all travel costs, official course books and materials, examination and taxes start from  £25,800 / $33,800  Please contact us, if you are interested in booking an on-site program. 

Our growing portfolio of established industry-recognised certifications in digital business, commerce and marketing, are attended and followed by leaders and teams at government, large global organisations, as well as small business owners and startups around the globe.

Leadership and Management Programs
COB Certified CXO

COB Certified E-Commerce Leader

COB Certified E-Business Leader

COB Certified Marketing Leader

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

COB Certified E-Business Manager
COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager

COB Certified Master in Digital Business Management (Manager certifications combined with workplace consultation and assessment)

For Professionals

COB Certified Content Strategist

COB Certified Web Merchandiser

COB Certified Category Manager

COB Certified Marketing Executive

COB Certified Web Writer

Upcoming 2024
COB Certified Marketplace Trader

FREE - COB Certified Digital Ethics

... and more

COB Marketing Leader
COB E-Business Leader
COB E-Commerce Leader
COB Digital Marketing Manager
COB E-Business Manager
COB E-Commerce Manager
COB Web Merchandiser
COB Category Manager
COB Marketplace Trader
COB Content Strategist
COB Web Writer
COB Marketing Executive

... and more...

Some of the more well-known organisations who get their staff COB Certified:

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