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Discover our Expert Industry Trainers

Our consultative trainers combine our in-house training team with Senior Associate and professional trainers from some of the greatest well-known international brands and organizations.


Their collective wealth of knowledge combines decades of real-world experience and impact in industry and non-profit organizations around the globe. Our international experts have well-over a century of experience years combined. If you are interested in the value and potential impact our expert training can deliver to your organization, please contact us. We offer High-End Consultative Courses, Bespoke Training, and our unique industry 'Master in Digital Business Management' program.

Please watch out for profiles and updates about  our industry leading speakers and trainers from organizations such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Mattel, NATO and more...

Join our Industry Training Academy

We welcome leaders and professionals with decades of experience and a high-level of credibility achieved working as employees in industry organizations. Do you have the track-record, know-how and insight, and would you like to supplement your work as an Associate or Senior Associate trainer?

Some of the knowledge skills we are interested in include: -


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Strategy, Planning and Innovation

  • Digital Technologies

  • Marketing, Automation and Analytics

  • E-Commerce Business and Technology

  • Digital Communications and more...

f you interested in joining us as an Associate Trainer and have experience presenting, coaching or training, please contact us.

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