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Accreditation Council

Our global accreditations council provides multi-industry strategic and governance oversight on quality, standards, objectives and criteria for examinations, assessments and certifications for:-

  • Accredited Trainers

  • Licensed Training Providers

  • Accredited Training Providers and Programs

  • Some Authorised Testing Centres

The council which has multi-industry and multi-national representation, meets four times per year, and comprises independent experts and impartial leaders, in addition to those at Digital Skills Authority.  The Council, is currently chaired by our founder and President, with members from Learning & Development, HR, and industry backgrounds. We'll be adding further information on our members shortly. 

Examinations Board

Our examinations board is led by Lana Sanderson, our Head of Examinations supported by Joseph Sprecker, senior trainers, and our quality team. Please watch out for further information in the future.

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