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Offer your staff or course delegates a Digital Skills Authority Diploma. Get your digital skills program industry accredited with powerful assessments or examinations.

Industry certifications are a powerful way to incentivize and motivate your employees or course delegates. They not only support careers, but also assess the impact of the training provided.  Established training providers gain additional revenue potential with industry qualifications. Success rates and Digital Skills Authority brand association also help to support marketing.

Are you a high-quality training company established for over 5 years with at least 3,000 annual course subscribers? Perhaps you are a large global professional services or membership organization?  Or are you a corporate Learning and Development department? Digital Skills Authority can work with your organization to align your non-competing programs with our frameworks, highest quality standards and assessment criteria, whether this be a project deliverable, examination or both. We can then take care of the assessment, certification and accreditation process.

Please contact us for further information about partnering with us on certifications for your training programs.*  

* Please note we can only accredit programs that do not compete with The Certificate in Online Business Series.

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