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Licensed Training Providers

Digital Skills Authority's core consultative classroom courses, are delivered as bookable public courses by 'Licensed Training Providers' internationally. 


Licensed Training Providers are large established global or national organizations who are accredited by us to deliver our courses. They have an official 'Licensed Training Provider' credential which links to a unique profile on our certifications platform. The 'Accredited Trainers' also have a credential, linking to a profile on our certifications platforms.

Digital Skills Authority Exclusive

Our expert industry academy delivers premium consultative classroom programs for teams at employer location internationally, as well as our Leadership, Strategy & Innovation program, and our CXO Certification program delivered through an annual conference.

Accredited Trainers

'Accredited Training Providers' deliver programs in our forthcoming Diploma Series.

Attend a Public Course

We are currently welcoming new partners.  If you are interested in attending public courses in your country, please do recommend us to potential providers.

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