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19th August 2020 Launch of New Web Site

Digital Skills Authority is delighted to announce the launch of it's first phase web site at  The site compliments our established brand focused web site dedicated to our business suite of certifications The Certificate in Online Business (COB Certified) series.  Our new web site marks a milestone toward a broader and wider online presence enabled by growth and investment.

Older News

Further historical news from Digital Skills Authority, can be found on The Certificate in Online Business news section.  These include:

  • 14th April 2020 - NEW Live Virtual (Remote) Exam Invigilation

  • 14th April 2020 - Digital Skills Authority's New Board

  • 8th April 2020 - NEW COB Certified CXO Program

  • 6th April 2020 - Digital Skills Authority Rebrand

  • 23rd October 2019 - 2020 Relaunch Planned

  • 4th July 2019 - New Partnership Opportunities

  • 11th October 2018 - NEW Leader Programs

  • 8th August 2018 - Digital ethics, policy-making and content regulations - Our Founder on Channel 4 News

  • 10th January 2018 - 10th Year Anniversary E-Business Predictions Deborah Collier

  • 13th December 2017 - Launch NEW COB Certified Product Store with Gift Cards

  • 15th August 2017 - Update: Launch of COB Accredited Learning & Development Department Program

  • 19th June 2017 - Three Sponsors Staff for COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

  • 26th April 2017 - E-Commerce Pioneer Michel Koch Joins as VP Europe & Latin America

  • ... and more

Media Enquiries

We are happy to talk to talk to the media on the subjects of:

  • Future Skills & Employment

  • Future of Education

  • Coronavirus - Using Digital to Convert Business, Work and Entertainment Online

  • Social Networks

  • Entrepreneurship & Digital

  • E-Commerce Business / Strategy, Trade and Brexit Implications

  • Content, Information and Digital Ethics

  • Strategic Planning & Digital Business

  • Future Technologies

Our founder's most recent media coverage includes Channel 4 News - Infowars debate, commenting on 

  • Policy-making and regulation of the tech giants

  • Handling of harmful content, disinformation, misinformation and fake news

She was also interviewed on radio about the future of social networks and more, and subsequently co-hosted an e-commerce special.  Founders general media kit.

Media Enquiries: Please Contact Us

Press Releases

20 April 2020 - Industry's Global Digital Skills Authority to Recruit Board from Tech Giants, Media, Academia and Industry

20 April 2020 - Why Online Education Will Not Replace Classroom

20 April 2020 -  Digital Skills Authority introduces Secure Live Exams via WebCam

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