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Licensed Training Providers are established training, membership or other professional organisations around the globe, who are licensed to deliver our classroom programs in specific countries or regions.  Licensed Training Providers, are trained by us and follow our quality standards and format. Offered in a variety of international languages, we provide the training materials, trainer training and accreditation, administer delegate exams, mark and issue qualifications.  Click on the below button for details of our international Licensed Training Provider program.

 1: Licensed Training Providers 

 2: Authorised Testing Centres 


To compliment our own 'Remote Live Exams with Webcam', we have a network of Authorised Testing Centres around the globe, where (depending on the Coronavirus situation), delegates can sit their exams in person with pens, drawing materials and papers.  This option is particularly suitable for those without the technology to complete an exam via webcam, or for those with disabilities.  Our ATC's include British Council, government organisations, institutes and universities around the globe.  

 3: Strategic Partners 

Image by Jud Mackrill

Digital Skills Authority is about helping grow the digital economy, boosting individual careers, supporting entrepreneurship and enabling business growth through digital know-how.  Global success can be collaboratively achieved through powerful strategic partnerships. If you are a large global organisation such as a bank, you can attract, or help existing business or student customers, or those who have recently become unemployed, by offering our e-learning subscriptions - COB Certified E-Business Manager and / or COB Certified E-Commerce Manager and more).  We offer significant savings on large volume licenses 1000-60,000+ licenses.

5: Universities & Institutes

Image by Clay Banks

If you are an academic institution, you could offer our management programs as part of a broader certification, such as an MBA / M.Sc.Degree.

Our established management programs in The Certificate in Online Business Series, provide perfect skills based education, as well as practical material to support successful academic degree.  A key highlight and incentive for students is the quick win industry certification they can achieve to accompany their broader academic qualification.

5: Agent & Reseller Partners 


If you are a professional organisation, course selling or advertising platform, you may wish to earn additional profit through selling our e-learning certification programs. We like our partners to each have a different package or mode of selling, to ensure our global network of resellers are non-competing.  In the UK, recruiter Reed, is an agent our e-learning programs (without the examination), in British pounds and offers a credit / instalment plan facility.  On our dedicated platform we sell a wider selection of programs in USD, along with exam certification options, but do not offer credit.

6: Accredited Training Providers 


We are interested in working with established training, professional and educational organisations globally to develop, deliver and offer a wider range of internationally industry-recognised certification programs in subjects such as cybersecurity, IoT, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and more.  These will be added to our role based certifications which give individuals a DSA Professional Diploma.  Our programs can be offered in a variety of international languages. Please note that we do not produce events or course content for third-parties.

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