Get powerful consultative training, and complete hands-on workshops relating to your online store, during the practical expert-led workshops. Topic covered include:

  • How to plan for successful and profitable e-commerce

  • E-Commerce and strategy

  • E-Commerce advantages and risks

  • Why do customers buy online?

  • Building consumer trust online

  • Elements of a successful storefront

  • Considerations for choosing an otpimal online storefront solution

  • Requirements for bespoke development

  • Managing stock, tax, shipping, security and accounting

  • How to accept secure web and mobile payments

  • How to avoid chargebacks and fraud

  • Understanding multi-channel environments

  • Introduction to e-commerce law


Understand your audience

  • Gain a clear understanding of your target audiences

  • Learn how to create engaging customer journeys for your customers

  • Understand their psychology and how to engage them on your web site

  • Learn how to target and get closer to your audience

Web Content that Sells

  • Learn how to avoid the '7 Deadly Web Content Sins'

  • Get our 12 Keys to Content Success

  • Learn how to write and present text effectively on the Internet

  • Learn how to use your web site to build trust

  • Find out what media to use to present your ideas

  • Gain valuable key selling phrases for your web site

  • A look at cutting edge technologies for content

  • Content considerations: Who, what, why, when and how?

  • Web 2.0 - 3.0 uses and benefits

  • Optimising your web site for social media

Web Content and Information Architecture

  • Learn how to structure and plan marketable content for maximum customer and user experience

  • IA and Wireframing Workshop: Prepare and architect optimised navigation and page layouts

Writing for the Web and SEO

    • Get key selling phrases for your organisation

    • Learn how to grab your readers attention in a few seconds

    • Learn how to search engine optimise your text

    • Understand how to balance the customer experience with search engine optimisation

    • Learn how to optimise your text so that it readable on the Internet


Gain a powerful introduction with experts insights in digital marketing and advertising.

Marketing Planning

  • Marketing and your customers

  • Principles of marketing

  • The art of effective messaging

  • Digital marketing strategy

Digital Advertising

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Pay-Per Click Workshop

  • Viral and Affiliate Marketing

  • Banner and Video Advertising

Email Marketing

  • Leveraging Business Email

  • Email Marketing Statistics

  • Email v Direct Marketing

  • Email Marketing Best-Practice Guide

Introduction to Social Media

  • What is Social Media?

  • Why is it important for marketing?

  • What are the benefits and dangers of social media?

  • What are the right tools for you?

  • How should you use them?


Learn how to plan effectively for online business to save time, resources and money. This valuable e-business strateg and planning training will equip you with the necessary tools to develop and plan your e-business strategy.

E-Business Strategy

  • Understand the meaning and scope of e-business

  • Find out what models fit your business

  • Discover the essential elements of a strategic plan

  • Discover and discuss a variety of e-business revenue models

  • Learn planning using the 'Echo E-Strategy Methodology™'

  • Start your own Strategic Plan

E-Risk Management

  • Identify and manage e-business risks

  • Learn how to avoid disasters

  • Discover the importance of contingency planning

  • Learn about potential security risks

  • Understand e-Risks and why management is essential to any organisation building an online presence

  • Discover legal and reputational risks

  • Learn how to formulate organisational E-Risk Guidelines

E-Project Management - An Introduction for Managers

  • Understand the scope and scale of e-business projects

  • Find out how to successfully manage e-business projects

  • Identify e-project challenges and special considerations

  • Get a definition of successful e-business projects

  • Discover how to select and work with developers and agencies effectively

  • Gain an experts insight into cost-saving project management tools


Your Day of Workshops and Exams will consist of the following:



Complete a Group Case Study Workshop in the Format of the E- Business Case Study Paper.

Your Exams

  • Part A - 1hr 30 Written Questions and Answers Paper

  • Part B - 1hr 30 Case Study Paper

Your case study will put your learning into practice, testing your web site planning (including wire framing), content & customer experience, digital marketing and e-commerce knowledge.

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