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Elisa Pogliano - Senior Associate Trainer


Digital Transformation, Change and Capability Building, Digital Marketing Omni-Channel, E-Commerce Strategy, Agency / Martech Selection and Implementation.



English & Italian


Markets and Range:

European markets diverse product categories, including Home Care, Health & Beauty, Snacks, Pet Care and Toys.


Management & Leader Programs, Consultation and Assessment Stage - Master in Digital Business Management Program, Our Bespoke Add-Ons Elisa Pogliano is a Digital Transformation veteran with 18+ years of experience, including working for leading Consumer Goods companies, holding senior leadership positions at P&G and Mattel, responsible for E-Commerce, Digital Marketing & Media. She has also consulted for General Mills, Medela & the Lingaro Group. Highlights of her career included setting up Mattel's Digital & Media function across Europe and growing it into a 35-people division, and launching their Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce business in 5 countries.

Elisa qualified as a COB Certified E-Commerce Manager while at P&G, joining our training team some years later. 


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We are currently updating this page with our other management and leadership program trainers, and maintain a fuller list of professional series and subject specialist trainers.

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Deborah Collier – President Digital Skills Authority & CXO Congress

Deborah Collier M.Sc. FRSA is an influential strategic, foresight and futurist leader in business, digital, education and media with over 30-years experience. A business leader of almost 20-years, she is described by academics and leaders as an 'original thinker', 'thought-leader', and 'economic force'.


She is an author and professional keynote speaker with a global audience, major brand following, network and readership of C-Suite leaders and professionals in business, academia, government, media and entertainment.


A digital, technology and media entrepreneur, achieving global impact, she developed and implemented a three-pillared model, plan and solution for sustainability (Economy, Social and Environment), a digital governance framework, digital and future skills curriculum, scalable brands, methodologies for strategic planning and leadership and management programs used by blue-chip organisations around the globe.


Her awards include ‘Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World’ (2016), Thinkers360 Global Thought-Leader and Influencer for Business Strategy, Emerging Technology and for Legal & Intellectual Property.

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