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Advanced Digital Skills Versus Essential Digital Skills

Digital Skills has been a hot topic since the beginning of the pandemic, but what are Digital Skills exactly? Are their different types, and what does this mean for you or your organization?

There are broadly two types of Digital Skills, Essential or Elementary Skills, and more advanced digital skills used in business and innovation. Digital Skills Authority are industry leaders in Advanced Digital Skills, but what are the differences?

Let me explain…

Essential digital skills are focused on how to use technologies and the Internet. For example, citizens being able to access and use government services with their mobile phone, or shoppers being able to purchase efficiently, safely and securely online. Courses are typically freely available and funded by governments. These fundamental skills, combined with access to devices and the Internet, are an important ingredient in narrowing the ‘Digital Divide’ and eradicating ‘Digital Poverty’.

Advanced Digital Skills are about management, monitoring, analysis and usage of online tools and emerging technologies, in the workplace…and for building businesses. The advanced Digital Skills training developed by industry leaders and experts at Digital Skills Authority, is targeted at boosting and growing global and national economies, careers, livelihoods, businesses and entrepreneurship. Good digital and business ethics are integral to the programs, and are less focused on technical know-how, but on future-proof or evolving skills - to govern, manage, monitor, plan, deploy or work with digital and emerging technologies, or to develop revenue from digital business models. We are also moving toward a newer more technical series focused innovation, security and development with digital technologies.

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