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The Certificate in Online Business
The Certificate in Online Business Series


Get savings on Multi-User (Volume order subscriptions).

Corporate Learning & Development (10 or more)

Reseller Partner Licensing (100 or more)

Banks, Chambers of Commerce, Large professional services or membership organisations, Governments (250-10,000 or more)

  • To bundle with your existing services

  • For additional revenue purposes or

  • Corporate and Social Responsibility

Please contact us for further information and volume pricing.

Our growing portfolio of established industry-recognised certifications in digital business, commerce and marketing, are attended and followed by leaders and teams at government, large global organisations, as well as small business owners and startups around the globe.

Leadership and Management Programs
COB Certified E-Commerce Leader

COB Certified E-Business Leader

COB Certified Marketing Leader

COB Certified E-Commerce Manager

COB Certified E-Business Manager
COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager

For Professionals

COB Certified Content Strategist

COB Certified Web Merchandiser

COB Certified Category Manager

COB Certified Marketing Executive

COB Certified Web Writer

COB Marketing Leader
COB E-Business Leader
COB E-Commerce Leader
COB Digital Marketing Manager
COB E-Business Manager
COB E-Commerce Manager
COB Web Merchandiser
COB Category Manager
COB Marketplace Trader
COB Content Strategist
COB Web Writer
COB Marketing Executive

Some of the more well-known organisations who get their staff COB Certified:

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