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COB Digital Marketing Manager

Become a COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager

Plan, Attract and Engage!  

Get the competitive edge with this high-impacting digital marketing training course and qualification.  Our industry program will help you to develop and implement a powerful digital marketing strategy, implement a productive team, maximize your sales and enhance your brands reputation. Get the latest insights and tips on Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies relevant to this role.



Classroom On-Site


Is this course for me? 

The COB Certified Digital Marketing Program is suitable for any business, organizational leader or team member involved in marketing products and services. This course is ideal for: 

  • Digital Marketing Managers and Directors  

  • Marketing Department Directors and Managers  

  • Senior Marketing Team Members

What are the benefits? 

There are a number of practical benefits to attending our digital marketing manager program.  Here are some of them:- 

  • Learn how to engage your customers to subscribe, buy and interact  

  • Gain valuable tips to increase traffic and sales  

  • Gain confidence with channel and supplier selection  

  • Understand and learn how to avoid the common pitfalls  

  • Discover new technologies and tactics for digital marketing and advertising  

  • Find out how to maximize your return on investment  

  • Avoid costly digital marketing mistakes  

  • Become a COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager

The training is designed to enable you or your staff to:- 

  • Plan an optimal web site layout, structure and content strategy to engage your customers to buy, subscribe and interact  

  • Identify and understand how to reach your target audiences in an optimal way  

  • Develop an effective digital marketing and advertising strategy  

  • Develop your organisational social media game plan  

  • Manage key digital marketing and advertising activities in line with your multi-channel marketing activities.  


Classroom Otion

The COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Program is a high-quality consultative digital marketing course delivering expert insights and powerful hands-on workshops. You will experience a real-world approach to learning, and apply it to your projects - both in real-time and after the course. The small sized classes enable focus on you and your projects. As a premium course delegate you will receive valuable and immediate feedback about your classwork and how it applies to your organization, brands and services. 

Where is this course available?

This classroom program is offered by Digital Skills Authority as an on-site consultative course.  Public courses will be offered by Licensed Training Providers internationally.  Get On-Site Training


E-Learning COBDMM

Get a subscription to our powerful digital marketing management course. Subscribe to the 90-day blended online + live and recorded webinar version of this globally recognised e-business certification from The Certificate in Online Business™ (COB) series.

  • Access 90-days course of around 25-hours of high-impacting interactive online lessons and workshops (compatible with Tablets, Windows & Mac PCs) 

  • Downloadable Secure E-Learning Versions of the Six Official COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager Course Books 

  • Your Digital Skills Authority exam administration fee*

* Fee excludes exam invigilation (sitting) fee which is payable to your chosen authorised testing centre, or the Digital Skills Authority should you wish to take our NEW Secure Live Remote Exam via Webcam.

Price $2,950 incl. tax 


When you pass your exam

Gain your own unique verifiable credential (Secured through Blockchain).  

  • Share on your Linkedin profile

  • Announce over Social Media, through Email and Whatsapp

  • Share with recruiters and employers

  • Maintain an online career journey with helpful salary insights

  • Get downloadable certificate and embed badge into your Resume or web site.



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