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Deborah Collier M.Sc. FRSA - President & Founder

Deborah Collier M.Sc. FRSA is an influential strategic, foresight and futurist leader in business, digital, education and media with over 30-years experience. A business leader of almost 20-years, she is described by academics and leaders as an 'original thinker', 'thought-leader', and 'economic force'.


She is an author and professional keynote speaker with a global audience, major brand following, network and readership of C-Suite leaders and professionals in business, academia, government, media and entertainment.


A digital, technology and media entrepreneur, achieving global impact, she developed and implemented a three-pillared model, plan and solution for sustainability (Economy, Social and Environment), a digital governance framework, digital and future skills curriculum, scalable brands, methodologies for strategic planning and leadership and management programs used by blue-chip organisations around the globe.


Her awards include ‘Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World’ (2016), Thinkers360 Global Thought-Leader and Influencer for Business Strategy, Emerging Technology and for Legal & Intellectual Property.



Deborah's early career started in the 90's at the UK Ministry of Defence, as one of the first women in IT. Further to nearly 12-years at blue-chip organisations such as JPMorgan, Fujitsu ICL, Fidelity Investments and Quantum Corporation, her combined analytic and creative acumen, led her toward Web, Commerce and Marketing  , also running her own agency. This resulted in a consultative management role at PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2002-2004. Further to leaving PwC, she embarked on developing brands, leading the development, creation, sale and procurement of digital services and physical products (subscriptions, luxury and technology) over the Internet, using cutting-edge technologies such as early mobile commerce. She later developed an educational framework and strategic planning methodologies used by organisations around the globe. As a strategic leader and creator, she maintains a wide industry experience in her portfolio of board roles. During her career to 2016, she led a consultancy and training team, and has trained and advised leaders from international government ministries and organisations, and well-known blue-chip companies around the globe on e-government, business strategy, digital business, e-commerce and marketing. She has also been a columnist for a number of publications, and appeared on Channel 4 news regarding policy, regulation of the tech giants and handling of fake news and user-generated content.

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