Deborah Collier M.Sc. FRSA - President & Founder

Digital Skills Authority's President & founder has 18-years company Director experience to CEO level, and is also on the board of directors of a leading UK government-funded education management organisation, where she advises on strategy & policy-making, supports good governance and provides scrutiny and constructive challenge on executive decision-making. As  part of her portfolio, maintaining a wide industry experience, she is a media Group CEO / Executive Producer TV / Film, working on a small selection of high-end productions, and is an invited Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.


A "visionary" futurist leader known internationally for strategy, digital business, innovation and skills education, she developed and implemented a three-pillared Global Strategy, Model & Solution for Sustainability - Economic, Social & Environment.


Deborah's early career started in the 90's at the UK Ministry of Defence, as one of the first women in IT. Further to nearly 12-years at blue-chip organisations such as JPMorgan, Fujitsu ICL, Fidelity Investments and Quantum Corporation, her combined analytic and creative acumen, led her toward Web, Commerce and Marketing  , also running her own agency. This resulted in a consultative management role at PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2002-2004. Further to leaving PwC, she embarked on developing brands, leading the creation, sale and procurement of digital and physical products and services online, using cutting-edge technologies such as early mobile commerce. She later developed an educational framework and strategic planning methodologies used by organisations around the globe. As a strategic leader and creator, she has found her vocation working across media (TV / Film / Publishing) and education. During her career to 2016, she led a consultancy and training team, and has trained and advised leaders from international government ministries and organisations, and well-known blue-chip companies around the globe on e-government, business strategy, digital business, e-commerce and marketing. She has also been a columnist for a number of publications, and appeared on Channel 4 news regarding policy, regulation of the tech giants and handling of fake news and user-generated content.

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