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Digital Philosophy

What is Digital Philosophy?

Digital Philosophy is the study of reality, co-existence and interplay between humanity and digital. How has and will digital act as an extension of our human-selves and how will it impact our way of life and the future of humanity?

Digital Skills Authority's founder and President Deborah Collier, an established business and educational leader, has worked with, implemented, researched,  developed strategies, advised and written about digital for 20-years. She has been heavily active on social media, and defined a concept she named the "Content Social Symbiosis" which also features in the courses she developed.  Futurist leader and digital philosopher, she has investigated, spoken publicly and taught others about Digital Ethics - in particular digital's impact on humanity. 

Deborah's insights about digital philosophy can be found on her blog Half-Geek Half-Human, a name she was affectionately given by one of her peers 10-years ago, and she is happy to talk to the media, speak publicly or lecture on the subject.

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