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Become a COB Certified E-Business Manager


This high-quality 90-day business digital transformation course on e-business management delivers expert insights and powerful hands-on workshops on the following subjects

E-Business Strategy and Planning

E-Commerce Planning and Management
Content Strategy & Customer Experience
Introduction to Digital Marketing & Branding
Exam Preparation Exercises

This industry-recognised certification course is delivered and accredited by the Digital Skills Authority.  Exams are marked and certifications issued by the Digital Skills Authority.

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Is this course for you?

Are you digitally transforming your organisation,, reskilling, or enhancing your career? Are you involved in managing, planning or improving your online presence? Want to identify and maximise opportunities from digital?


This course is suitable for:-

  • Business Owners and Internet Startups

  • Project Managers

  • Department Directors

  • IT, Web and Intranet Managers & Teams

  • Marketing and E-Commerce Managers*


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Course Targets and Objectives


During and/or further to the course, you or the team members you send on this premium executive/leadership program, are encouraged to build a list of targets and objectives:-

  1. Develop, take responsibility, or contribute to your organisation's digital transformation and e-business strategic plans

  2. Identify, understand or manage e-risks or ensure that e-risks are identified and managed in the organisation

  3. Assess team and supplier responsibilities for implementing e-commerce, digital marketing, online content and customer experience

  4. Identify and select the right choice of suppliers for your planned activities

  5. Identify current e-business activities needing improvement or change

  6. Based on the introductory digital marketing lessons

    • identify e-marketing activities needing implementation, improvement or change, or

    • support the marketing team to identify e-marketing activities needing implementation, improvement or change

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