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Diversity-of-Things (DoT)

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Our founder Deborah Collier's term for the new paradigm in skills evolution, the future human and work - ‘DoT’ is about the changing diversification in skills needs across multiple disciplines, either at snorkel or in-depth level depending on the role. At the core of ‘DoT’ is the need for a level of digital skilling whether this be ‘essential’ or elementary, advanced, business, strategic, tactical or functionality-focused. It's not just about digital and technology however. Analytical, cognitive, global awareness, societal and cognitive skills are also becoming more vital...

Learn more about Diversity-of-Things (DoT)

What is Diversity-of-Things? Diversity-of-Things (DoT) Keynote - Skills Evolution, the Future Human and Work (Video)


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