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COB Digital Marketing Manager

COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager

Get the Competitive Edge with this powerful Digital Marketing Program, now with training on Artificial Intelligence for Marketing, and Analytics for Managers.  Plan, Attract and Engage! Our program will help you develop and implement a powerful digital marketing strategy, maximise your sales and enhance your brands reputation.  This program suitable for managers, leaders and teams incorporates our own established method and templates for digital marketing and advertising strategy and planning.


This practical program is delivered as an on-site consultative course, public course with forthcoming Licensed Training Providers, and as blended Live Online with cutting-edge interactive e-learning. 

COB Marketing Leader

COB Certified Marketing Leader

Become a COB Certified Marketing Leader, and gain some expert industry insights, and practical strategic and innovation know-how to transform your marketing performance.


Our two-part program incorporates the COB Certified Digital Marketing Manager certification program, as a foundation, with our exclusive Strategy & Innovation Program. The Leader Strategy & Innovation Program includes training and certification on ‘Deploying and Understanding Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Futures Technology, Strategic Planning, Governance and Innovation’, and Advanced Practical Workshops.

COB Content Strategist

COB Certified Content Strategist

Adapted from our established classroom training attended by professionals at Skype, Warner Music Group, John Lewis, Three, Mars, L'Oréal, international government ministries, banks, airlines and more, this practical program teaches powerful techniques with practical workshops in Content Strategy & Planning, Wireframing & Storyboarding, Audience Engagement & Internet Psychology and SEO Web Writing for Maximum Engagement.


The program which features in our manager programs is offered as part of a broader on-site consultative program. Alternatively, individuals can subscribe to an interactive e-learning edition of this powerful program. 

COB Web Writer

COB Certified Web Writer

Learn how to plan, structure, and write engaging search engine optimised content for the web.  This short but powerful course, is offered as an interactive e-learning course.


It is suitable for Writers, bloggers, publishers and journalism, Marketers, portal and intranet managers, small business owners providing content to their web site developer. 

COB Marketing Executive

COB Certified Marketing Executive

Get high-impacting practical learning in digital marketing by expert practitioners for practitioners. Give your marketing career a boost! Learn powerful traditional and digital marketing practices and techniques and gain an industry professional certification.


Adapted from established classroom training attended by organisations such as Oman Ministry of Education, Warner Music, Skype, Schneider Electric, Mars, John Lewis, House of Fraser, Three, L'Oréal and more, our program is offered as part of a broader on-site consultative classroom course, or via e-learning. 

COB Category Manager

COB Certified Category Manager

Get Powerful Learning to Maximise Your Sales and Boost Your Career!  This valuable sales and customer-focused international category manager marketing and online selling certification course will help you select appropriate products to sell online, present them effectively online, maximize the value of your shopping basket, by effective cross-selling and up-selling, and develop a digital marketing strategy.


Ideal for existing and new retail marketers, aspiring category managers and traditional marketers, this high-value consultative program can be offered as on-site consultative course, within one of our broader team program. Alternatively, professionals can study via our cutting-edge interactive e-learning program combined with a live online trainer from the retail industry. 


Certificate in Online Business

Master in Digital Business Management

Our flagship inter-departmental e-business management program equips professionals, managers, department managers and entrepreneurs to implement digital business effectively.


Our real-world practical program is delivered as an on-site consultative course, public course with forthcoming Licensed Training Providers, and online via our e-learning platform. 


COB Web Merchandiser
COB E-Commerce Manager
COB Marketing Executive
COB Category Manager
COB E-Commerce Leader
COB Marketplace Trader
COB Digital Marketing Manager
COB Web Writer
COB Content Strategist

If you are browsing courses for your entire e-commerce team, you may be interesting the following programs, which are delivered as 5-day consultative classroom programs, or high quality interactive e-learning programs.

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Some of the more well-known organizations who get their staff COB Certified:
Delta Airlines
Croatia Airlines
Loughborough University
Dune Group
Historic Scotland
Ministry of Education Sultanate of Oman
Tadawul Saudi Stock Exchange
Zain Telecom
Brady Corporation
Government of Oman Information Technology Authority
AXA Mansard Insurance
Royal Canin
South African Post Office
Proctor & Gamble
Schneider Electric
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