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Digital World Prediction 2024

In 2023, the wider world was introduced to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, without effective governance or change management. Organizations and their boards were left ill-prepared, without a ‘compass’ and citizens became afraid for the future of their income and jobs. In my predictions for 2024, I aim to reassure humanity with balanced strategic insight about the risks, opportunities and solutions for what I define as the ‘5th Industrial Revolution’.  


The 5th Industrial Revolution Begins

2024 welcomes the '5th Industrial Revolution' and the beginning of an explosive age that catapults production and scientific advancement through Artificial Intelligence. According to leading organizations, Artificial Intelligence will contribute over 15-trillion US dollars to the global economy by 2030. 

Investment in innovation, entrepreneurship, technical and non-technical skills are critical to achieving this goal, growing nations’ GDP and driving citizen prosperity. 

Productivity and growth will be supported by enabling access to information and skills in ‘Generative AI’, across even non-technical roles in organizations. 

Our augmented future will include AI-augmented development of intelligent applications, along with a connected workforce augmented with wearable AI-powered devices. 

Artificial intelligence will further speed scientific advancements in health, engineering and manufacturing. In addition, the implementation of sustainably produced and powered technologies, will drive ethical and planet protecting progress. 

However, trust, security, management and governance of Artificial Intelligence must remain high on the agenda, along with national change management strategies.  Are you ready for the 5th Industrial Revolution?


Skills Evolution – Digital Skills to Human Skills 

The future must be the perfect blend of humans, technology, digital and planet, but what does that mean for employment? How will we demonstrate our worth in a future world? Where do we find our purpose? 

Change has always been part of both evolution and revolution and the willingness and ability to adapt, is what strengthens humanity. Digital skills should pair with human skills, not only in terms of human computer interaction, but in the way we continue to interface with each other. 

If the focus is not only on digital skills, but more vitally human skills and abilities, such as caring, customer service, psychology, creativity, planning and innovation, our future will be bright. 

The manual and functional roles will continue to be taken over by robots and artificial intelligence, freeing up time for humans to focus on cognitive, analytical, monitoring, management, caring, communications, strategic and creative work. 

These are the skills of the future, but what about the near term? In 2024 and beyond. humans will learn both technical and digital skills relevant to their roles, while others focus on innovation and using technologies and digital business to either earn money or to solve the world’s problems.  Evolution and progress are nothing new! Throughout history, humans have adapted to change? What about you? Are you ready?


Inspiring Digital Peace

The world today feels ever more turbulent. While human-connectedness, enabled by social networks and the ‘Content Social Symbiosis’, are nurturing compassion and empathy, we are navigating one crisis after another. 

After a decade of multiple recessions and a global pandemic, the world faces threats of war, including traditional, cyber and information warfare. However as nations fight for power, land and wealth, others strive for honour, integrity and a better world.

Digital with a human heart, has the ability to drive peace. Data, digital communications and networking technologies can be used to stop disinformation, fake news, prejudice, hate and incitement of violence, that lead to war and other forms of conflict. 

In 2024, will humanity rise to the challenge with positive, purposeful digital media and communications that inspire world peace.  What will you do to inspire digital peace?


Governing the Unthinkable

It is not the Artificial Intelligence we should fear, but those who control it. Safety must be about ensuring AI leverages the best of humanity and not humanity’s greed and cruelty. Governance of technologies, data and communications by the right people, is absolutely critical to the well-being and future of humanity. Our thinking, planning and action must go beyond artificial intelligence.

The greatest assets can pose the biggest threats. As beings with free will, implantable devices, particularly those developed for the human brain, pose the greatest threat to our existence.

In 2024, Will we continue to allow developers, financiers and politicians to dominate and control technology, data and communications, or will we explore a democratic digital government of wise men and women?

In 2024 and beyond, there will be a significant shift in governance, which will include not only how we govern, but who will govern the formidable trio of digital, communications and technologies.


Transforming the C-Suite for Digital 

2024 will see the elders learning from the young, as much as the young learning from the elders. Leaders, managers, practitioners and innovators either have an established history working with digital and technology, or embarked on their journey in recent years.

But what about the boards of organizations? Historically, these areas have not needed so much attention at the C-suite and senior government official level. However, in our fast-moving world, where the competitive edge and security is dependent on our digital knowledge, technologies and capabilities, digital and technological governance are imperative. With emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence becoming commonplace, risk management and governance within organizations is vital at the most senior level. In 2024 and beyond, the ‘Chiefs’ will benefit from coaching by experts with decades of experience, enabling them to develop their own policies and deploy the strongest of risk management practices and governance in their organizations and governments. In 2024 and beyond, foresight and future-proofing boards with future strategic thinking and future-ready strategic decision makers will be high on the agenda. CXO Congress provides a forum for further discussion.


Advice for 2024 

2024 promises an exciting year against the backdrop of global turmoil. We must focus on harnessing the opportunities of emerging technologies such as AI, while implementing effective governance and mitigating the risks. Life will never be the same, but it is up to humanity to ensure that progress using emerging technologies is steered in the right direction, by competent and ethical leaders internationally.


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