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Our Annual Event

COB Certified CXO Conference


COB Certified CXO conference for C-Suite Leaders includes strategic  education and certification focused on leadership, governance, strategy, sustainable impact and emerging technologies. This exclusive annual event includes case study presentations from industry leaders, innovators and experts, exploring opportunities cutting-edge and emerging technology. Watch out for details of this 2024 event coming soon!

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Portia Matsena, then Acting General Manager, South African Post Office

... remarkable, and very fulfilling. Being introduced to the world of E-Business was worth the investment. The e-business strategy and planning elements were particularly interesting, as it required a shift in mind-set from the traditional strategy management planning. I recommend this course, as it not only taps into the commerce element, but also on how efficiency can be achieved through automation.

Muhanna Baqer, Director General Strategy
Ministry of Technology & Communications - Government of Oman

(then Director E-Payments ITA)

...the course was very useful, enriching and gave me many new ideas and I discovered new concepts...

Christophe Ferrasse, Global E-Business Leader, Royal-Canin (A Mars Company)

...really brings 'talks that walk' with useful and actionable insights. The course was interactive and creative, which helps to participate and remember things. I encourage anyone, from beginners to experts to attend. It refreshed my memory on risk management, legal aspects of ecommerce and also key site design and ergonomy how to.

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