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Our History

Digital Skills Authority was founded by British educational and business leader Deborah Collier in 2016, rebranding from The Certificate in Online Business (our first series of programs), to Digital Skills Authority in 2020. Deborah who is President & Head of Leadership and Ethics Programs, established and expanded this suite of certifications over a 12-year period, with a team gaining testimonials from leaders and teams at governments and well-known international organisations and brands. This included the development and implementation of a digital skills education framework. In 2015, she architected and led the build of a pilot online educational membership network of over 100,000 business leaders, department heads, teams and professionals, and 200,000 newsletter subscribers during 2007 - 2016, a journey that led to our dedicated certifications organisation.


In 2016 we developed a global network of partners, and led the production of over 30-hours of digital interactive educational content, transforming from the premium classroom. This event was closely followed by Michel Koch then Interim Chief Marketing Officer at Time Inc. joining as VP Europe & Latin America with a focus on the procurement of licensed training partners. Further to his departure in early 2018, the corporate training sector impacted by the economic climate around Brexit, the company paused progress until it's reignition in 2020 - 2021. This comprised an entire digital transformation to include an upgrade of all e-learning courses, and an increase in certifications online. It  resulted in production of over 45-hours of interactive audio, video, animation content delivered through subscription.  We are now expanding our teams, strategic partnerships and our academy of trainers, as well as updating The Certificate in Online Business Series dedicated web site.  In 2022, Digital Skills Authority Inc. in the USA was added to our growing group of companies.

Global Impact and the 'Three-Pillared Model for Sustainability'

*As a skills awarding body and publisher of our own programs, Digital Skills Authority does not produce events, courses or e-learning for third-parties.

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