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Digital Skills Authority
Accredited Trainers

Digital Skills Authority's international trainers are leaders and experts from within industry with decades of practical hands-on, management and leadership experience within organizations. 


Our 'Accredited Trainers', pass a stringent examination program focused on competency, delivery, optimal learning experience, assessment, advanced training and presentation, as well as the application of our highest quality standards, framework and policies, using our official training and workshop materials, case studies and examination packs.


Our own Elite Training Academy, which delivers consultative on-site programs and conferences, has team of leading industry leaders and professionals. We also train and accredit trainers to deliver our programs on behalf our Licensed Training Providers (LTP) internationally.  Licensed Training Providers, Authorized Testing Centres and Accredited Trainers are issued with a shareable digital credential and certificate secured with blockchain.  

Get our latest Licensed Training Provider and Accredited Trainer information.

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